We established our other business Creative Mojo in its’ current guise several years ago. It has since grown into the largest art and craft resource of its’ type for care homes and the community in the UK.

Creative Mojo provides all-inclusive in-home or delivered craft workshop classes specially developed for the elderly, adults with learning and physical disabilities and mental health concerns and specialises in working with people with dementia and also within wider community.

All of these workshops/delivered packs are run/provided by our highly skilled group of more than 50 workshop leaders based throughout the UK.

Why is Creative Mojo’s approach so different?

Our services are affordable, complement care homes and activity coordinators, directors, managers and carers and our focus is always on working with homes and clients to fulfil their creative and activity needs.

With our workshops, there are no limitations, everyone can be creative.

Having had more than nine years experience developing and running workshops for the residential care industry, we have crafted a solution that means everyone including individuals with severe learning disabilities can engage and enjoy being creative.

For more information on what Creative Mojo offers, please visit the website.