How do I download my pack?

1. Firstly you will receive an email confirming your order. On this email is both confirmation of your order and links to your Colour and Black & White PDF versions of your ordered pack. Simply click on either link to start your PDF downloading. See image example.

2. During the process of making your purchase you would have setup an account. When this occurred we will have emailed you with confirmation of the account creation and a temporary password.
Simply follow the following link to login to your account.

Once there, use your email address and temporary password to login.

As you can see from the image you can then do many things with your account including viewing your orders, changing your password and also the ability to view your download links. This also allows you to download or re-download your PDF files should you need to.

How do I open my pack once i’ve downloaded it?

Usually when you download one of our packs, your computer will save this file in your downloads folder in order to open later or using the correct software. Depending on how your computer is setup however, occasionally your browser (the tool you use to view the internet) will attempt to open your pack itself. As our packs are security protected with a password, occasionally this will stop you being able to open the pack properly.

In order to make sure you can open our packs properly, if you haven’t already done so, we recommend you install the free tool, Adobe Acrobat Reader. This will allow any packs you download to be opened using the program it was created for, meaning a much smoother experience for you.
You can download your free version of Acrobat Reader for desktop here: